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School of Interdisciplinary Studies

School of Interdisciplinary Studies

Established in 2018, the School of Interdisciplinary Studies empowers change and tackles big questions by integrating diverse perspectives disciplines, and methods of inquiry. The School builds bridges to connect experts, ideas and communities, inspiring collaborations that draw upon the expertise and innovations of multiple perspectives.

TCU's School of Interdisciplinary Studies resurrects a venerable purpose of education- to develop good human beings- while talking complicated twenty-first century challenges. Students engaged in interdisciplinary studies develop creativity, flexibility and empathy, as they refine their ability and desire to see things from another's point of view. As a model of the liberal arts in action, interdisciplinary studies provides superb preparation for the workplace.

The School includes the departments and programs:

Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies encourages students to critically examine racial and ethnic identities in addition to examining the experiences of marginalized communities in the U.S. and beyond. Students explore race and ethnicity as active social, political, historical and cultural processes and use race and ethnicity as categories of analysis across time and space.

The TCU IdeaFactory is dedicated to supporting the innovative spirit of TCU students, staff and faculty by providing an environment and resources where an idea can be advanced to a prototype, and potentially, beyond. The interdisciplinary environment encompasses graphic design, web/app programming, preliminary market analysis, manufacturing and testing.

The aim of the Intensive English Program (IEP) is to help students advance rapidly toward their academic, professional or personal English language goals. Advanced-level IEP students may enroll in TCU courses for degree credit while in the noncredit, certificate program. IEP is a member of the prestigious academic standards organization: University & College Intensive English Programs.

"Create your own major." When academic interests extend beyond traditional academic disciplines, the Interdisciplinary Inquiry Major can help achieve academic and professional goals.

The Department of Women and Gender Studies puts women, gender, and sexuality at the center of academic investigation. Programs promote inquiry into the intersections of gender with other identity categories; the workings of power in society; and the means of advancing social justice and equality.

School of Interdisciplinary Studies priorities for support include:
• Off-campus Experiential Learning, including internships, and travel to key professional conferences and events;
• Undergraduate Research;
• Student Scholarships; and
• Endowed and Named Faculty Chairs and Professorships.

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School of Interdisciplinary Studies

Angela Z. Strittmatter
Director of Development