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Scholarship Support


Scholarship support has never been more important to TCU and the talented and deserving students who want to be Horned Frogs. Scholarships are the University's top priority because they enable TCU to remain accessible, affordable and competitive.

Donor support has done much to trim the amount of debt our students carry upon graduation, but the need is still great. Your support will enable more potential Horned Frogs to attend their dream school and benefit from the TCU experience.

Many students with financial need enroll at TCU. Even if they receive financial aid, they often must juggle multiple jobs, heavy academic loads and all-important internships to reach graduation. Your scholarship support will enable students with financial need to focus on their primary job — getting a great education.

Repaying college loans is often a significant challenge for Horned Frog graduates. Many TCU students accrue tens of thousands of dollars of debt. Repayment will begin at the very time they are establishing their careers and families and often stretches far into the future. High loan burdens affect the types of jobs graduates can pursue. Excessive debt also limits their options to pursue advanced degrees. Your scholarship support will mean that Horned Frog graduates will have more career and personal options.

One of TCU's highest priorities is to recruit students who can elevate the University's academic profile and create a student body that is both diverse and accomplished. Two of its most effective tools have long been the Chancellor's Scholars and Community Scholars programs. What is new is that donors now can endow and name scholarships in both programs.

You can help TCU meet heightened competition for outstanding students. Scholarships help to attract the brightest, most talented, most creative and most deserving applicants, thus enhancing TCU's reputation and elevating the intellectual climate on campus.

Chancellor's Scholars

TCU is at its best when educating high-achievers with significant leadership potential. CHANCELLOR'S SCHOLARS epitomize this ideal and are rewarded with full-tuition scholarships. In addition to attracting students who can especially benefit from a TCU education, increasing the number of Chancellor's Scholars will help to raise the University's academic profile.

Community Scholars

The COMMUNITY SCHOLARS program targets local, predominantly minority high schools with scholarships for academically qualified students of color. The program covers the total cost of a TCU education. Since the first class enrolled in 2000, some 200 Community Scholars have enriched not only their own lives, but also the University as a whole. The program has enhanced recruitment, retention and campus diversity and increased the impact of TCU graduates upon the community.

Need-based Scholarships

Educational affordability is a crucial issue at both private and public universities across the nation. With the annual cost of a TCU education at more than $40,000, TCU must increase resources for NEED-BASED SCHOLARSHIPS that will keep the University's doors open to the most deserving students, regardless of family income.

Other Merit-Based Scholarships

The competition for merit-based scholarships is fierce because they are based on student performance, not financial status. ACADEMIC MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS are awarded on the basis of class rank, SAT/ACT scores and high school grade-point-average, while PERFORMANCE/TALENT SCHOLARSHIPS are awarded to students who are exceptionally accomplished in areas such as music.

Athletic Scholarships

ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIPS — which completely underwrite tuition, fees, books, and room and board — provide key support for the ethical and winning Horned Frog athletic program. In addition to providing annual scholarships, donors may wish to endow a specific position on an athletic team.

Graduate Fellowships and Assistantships

GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPS AND ASSISTANTSHIPS are vital in strengthening master's and doctoral programs and in enhancing the University's reputation. Fellowships provide tuition support for study at the graduate level as well as a stipend. Graduate assistantships provide tuition assistance and stipends, and also involve research or teaching responsibilities or other work within an academic department.