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TCU Student Donors | Clark Society and Frog Club

Students Helping Students

TCU student donors help other students through their gifts to the university. Tuition does not pay for everything — that's where donors come in. Donors transform the TCU experience into the TCU Experience. Your soon-to-be favorite memories like studying in Rees-Jones, cheering on the Frogs at The Carter and going on that amazing study abroad trip are made possible by donors. 

Students who make a gift of ANY amount to ANY area of the university become part of the Student Clark Society. Students can also give $50 to the Student Frog Club and be a member of the Student Clark Society and Student Frog Club. Give today, and start making a positive difference in the lives of fellow students!





Clark Society

What is the Student Clark Society?

The Student Clark Society is a recognition society that celebrates the generosity of student donors. Student Clark Society members reap rewards like networking opportunities, graduation gear and invites to exclusive events.


What is the Student Frog Club?

Students like you who annually give $50 specifically to the Student Frog Club receive even more benefits like those listed below. Not only do you help provide the resources Horned Frogs need to achieve championship performance, but you automatically become a member of the Student Clark Society when you give to Frog Club. #GoFrogs
  • TCU Horned Frog Priority Points
  • Exclusive invitations
  • TCU Athletics giveaway items
  • Junior Clark membership and additional graduation cord


What is the Alumni Association?

The Alumni Association is made up of more than 80,000 Horned Frogs all around the world. After you graduate, you can get plugged into a chapter city or club and join fellow Horned Frogs at fun events. In addition, you get access to Horned Frogs Connect — an online platform for connecting with classmates and expanding your professional network. 


TCU Student Donors | Clark Society and Frog Club

What is University Advancement?

University Advancement is the fundraising arm of TCU and is made up of the Alumni Association, Donor Relations, Frog Club, Loyalty Giving and a whole slew of website and data professionals, among others, totaling more than 100 Horned Frog staff members.

Our top priority is YOU, the student, and our goal is to make your experience at TCU the absolute best by asking alumni, family and friends to provide what your tuition doesn't. What's the best part about our job? Connecting donors with you!


Student Donor Events

Gives Day October 3 and October 4


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