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Clark Society Endowed Scholarship

Texas Christian University

Over 20 years ago, the idea for a Clark Society scholarship grew out of a Clark Board committee meeting as a way to both directly impact students and promote awareness of the Clark Society. Now, 87 scholars and awards of $319,000 later, the Clark Society Endowed Scholarship is one of the premier scholarships that recognize TCU seniors. 

Nominated by TCU faculty and staff, Clark Society Scholars are senior students who represent the University with the highest degree of character, leadership and sense of service. This highly-competitive merit scholarship rewards students for their academic excellence and involvement during their time at TCU and encourages them to stay engaged with TCU after graduation.



Previous Clark Society Scholars

A listing of previous Clark Society Scholars can be found HERE.



Clark Society Endowed Scholarship Timeline


Clark Society Timeline



Clark Society Endowed Scholar Criteria for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

Nominees will be considered based on the criteria listed below as well as other factors, including GPA, campus involvement and community service. The student:

      1. Must be a rising senior who will have completed at least 85 hours by the end of the 2019 spring semester and will not have graduated before May 2020
      2. Must have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA
      3. Must have demonstrated leadership abilities and be of good character
      4. Must have held at least one leadership position
      5. Must be in good standing with the University
      6. Must have contributed in a meaningful way to the quality of life at TCU and/or in the community

For more information on the nomination and application process, please visit  


Lead On: A Campaign for TCU

 For more information, contact the TCU Office of Donor Relations at 817-257-7806 or