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Endowed Scholarship Funds

Scholarship support ensures TCU can attract and compete for the most talented and deserving applicants. It also helps create a more socioeconomically and geographically diverse student population, which better prepares all TCU students to relate to the global community in their lives and careers. While here, students with endowed scholarships can focus less on college debt and more on building the knowledge, outlook and confidence they need to make a positive impact on the world.

New Scholarship Funds for 2024-2025

TCU is pleased to recognize the following new scholarships to be awarded for the first time during the 2024-2025 academic year and representatives of the funds. 

Dr. Kristen Mueller Adams Endowment for Laboratory School Associates
Marion and Karl Mueller

Margaret Baker Endowed Scholarship
Marken Baker and Manoj Gopalan

Amanda Bebout Memorial Endowed Graduate Student Fellowship in Nursing
Bebout Family Foundation

Carol Tompkins Benson ’02 MFA Fellowship
Carol and Jack Benson

Pat & Jeffrey Blair Endowed Starpoint Fund
Pat and Jeffrey Blair

Anjie (Landreth) and William Butler Study Abroad Scholarship
Anjie and William Butler

Clatterbuck Endowed Scholarship
Michelle Clatterbuck

Barbara Ellison Eakman Endowed Scholarship
Melissa and Lindel Eakman

Endowed Scholarship for Excellence in Communication Studies

Christopher Joe Gutierrez Endowed Scholarship
Friends and family of Christopher Joe Gutierrez

K.M. and Ruth Anne Ridings Hardin Spanish Scholarship Fund
Ken Hardin

John Heald Medical Scholarship
Carol and Richard Hoefs

Sawyer Chao-Yi Hsu Endowed Scholarship for Graduate Students
Sawyer Chao-Yi Hsu

Linda Mauldin Endowed Scholarship
Amy and Tom Ryan
Meredith Ryan

Marie A. Moore Music Scholarship
Ronald Moore

Zach Muckleroy Scholarship
Friends and family of Zach Muckleroy

Jacquelyn G. Piland and Ray Gene Piland Excellence Scholarship
Estate of Jacquelyn G. Piland

Bruce and Sally Rogers Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
Sally and Bruce Rogers

Segall Family Endowed Scholarship
Lynn Segall

Wade Simpson ’59 Endowed Medical School Scholarship
Wade Simpson

Wes Smith Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Leadership
Friends and family of Wes Smith

Tracy Denise Syler-Jones Endowed Scholarship
Friends and family of Tracy Syler-Jones

Texas Empathetic Medical Doctors of Tomorrow Endowed Medical Scholarship

Vaughn Construction Community Foundation Endowed Scholarship
Vaughn Construction

Dr. Patrick L. Walter Engineering Scholarship
Marken Baker and Manoj Gopalan

Joy and Gordon Watanabe Family Endowed Scholarship in honor of Cora, Zane and Dori Watanabe
Joy and Gordon Watanabe