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Endowed Scholarship Funds

Scholarship support ensures TCU can attract and compete for the most talented and deserving applicants. It also helps create a more socioeconomically and geographically diverse student population, which better prepares all TCU students to relate to the global community in their lives and careers. While here, students with endowed scholarships can focus less on college debt and more on building the knowledge, outlook and confidence they need to make a positive impact on the world.

New Scholarship Funds for 2022-2023

TCU is pleased to recognize the following new scholarships to be awarded for the first time during the 2022-2023 academic year and the donors and representatives of the funds. 

The Andrews Institute of Mathematics and Science Education Endowed Scholarships
The Estate of Paul E. Andrews, Jr.

John R. Arend '52 Endowed Football Scholarship
The Estate of John R. Arend

Rose Mae Armstrong Scholarship
Jennifer and Stewart Richards

Coach ‘Tut’ Bartzen Endowed Scholarship
Mary and John Poppell
Friends and Family of Coach ‘Tut’ Bartzen

Janelle Braun '82 Nursing Scholarship
Janelle Braun

Robert S. Capper, M.D. Endowed Scholarship Fund
The late Dr. Robert and Joyce Capper and their family and friends
Dianne and David Capper

Christian Heritage Scholarship

Clouse Family Endowed Medical Scholarship
Marion and Melvin Clouse

Dr. Bonnie Riley Creel and James A. Creel Scholarship
Bonnie and James Creel

Dyke Family Scholarship
Jody and Frank Dyke

Dr. Ronald B. and Mrs. Leah E. Flowers Endowed Scholarship
The Estate of Ronald B. Flowers

James S. and Shirley F. Garvey Endowed Scholarship Fund
Garvey Texas Foundation

The Hamberlin Scholarship
The Estate of Carol A. Lee

Carol Hoefs Medical Scholarship
Carol and Richard Hoefs

John Luke Hughston Scholarship
Friends of the late John Luke Hughston

Lawrence's Endowed History Scholarship
Frances Lawrence

Jon David Mayfield Ranch Management Scholarship
Linda and Dwain Mayfield

J.W. and Etta McDonald Endowed Scholarship
Debra McDonald

Wayne Murphey Memorial Scholarship
Deborah Freed

Robert and Shannon O'Brien Endowed Family Scholarship
Shannon and Robert O’Brien

Roger Pfaffenberger Endowed Scholarship
The Ryan Foundation

Marion Wieckert and Charles Goodwin Pratt Scholarship for the Starpoint School at TCU
Family and Friends of Marion and Charles Pratt

Reckling Family Scholarship
Michelle and Thomas Reckling

Gary and Lisa Reiter Endowed Athletic Scholarship
Lisa and Gary Reiter

Robert Rhodes Endowed MBA Scholarship
Paul Lauritano

Robert T. Rhodes Memorial Scholarship
Family and friends of the late Dr. Robert T. Rhodes