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Endowed Scholarship Funds

Scholarship support ensures TCU can attract and compete for the most talented and deserving applicants. It also helps create a more socioeconomically and geographically diverse student population, which better prepares all TCU students to relate to the global community in their lives and careers. While here, students with endowed scholarships can focus less on college debt and more on building the knowledge, outlook and confidence they need to make a positive impact on the world.

New Scholarship Funds for 2023-2024

TCU is pleased to recognize the following new scholarships to be awarded for the first time during the 2023-2024 academic year and representatives of the funds.  

Judy and Paul Andrews Visionary Scholarship
Judy Andrews and the late Paul Andrews

Maysie and Philip Beeson Family Endowed Scholarship
Maysie and Philip Beeson

Breach Family Endowed Scholarship
Emily and David Breach

Brent Chesney Family Endowed Scholarship
Brent Chesney

Anita and Kelly Cox Visionary Scholarship
Anita and Kelly Cox

Laura Escalona and Mexilink, Inc. Scholarship in Spanish and Hispanic Studies
Laura and Salvador Escalona
Mexilink, Inc.

Sally Fulwiler Endowed Scholarship
The estate of Sally Fulwiler

Cassady Nicole Greene Engineering School Scholarship
Kim and Teddy Greene

Archie and Diana Haney Music Scholarship
The estate of Archie Haney

Lauren F. Harper '21 and Caroline B. Harper '22 Endowed Family Scholarship
Shelley and Jack Harper

Evalyn Bernard Howland Endowed Scholarship
Judith and Charles Munnerlyn

Christina and Mark Johnson Endowed Scholarship
Friends of Christina and Mark Johnson

Jane Stevenson Kendall Distinguished Scholars Endowed Scholarship
The estate of Jane Stevenson Kendall

Teresa and Luther King Visionary Scholarship
Teresa and Luther King

Frances Lehmann and Chris Miller Memorial Scholarship
Maribess and Jerry Miller

Joe and Priscilla Martin Ballet Scholarship
Charles W. White

Margaret Martin Family Scholarship
Christopher Martin

Marguerite A. McKee Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
Carolyn and Chris McKee

Endowed Scholarship for the Anne Burnett Marion School of Medicine

Anne Burnett Marion Visionary Scholarship in Medicine
John L. Marion and the late Anne Burnett Marion

La Michoacana Meat Market Endowed Scholarship
Elvira and Rafael Ortega

Robert Charles Matthews Endowed Scholarship for Starpoint
Stacy and Ryan Horton

Charles Herd Midkiff Memorial Scholarship
Ann and Charles Florsheim

Ryan Kelly Millett Endowed Fellowship for Energy MBA Students
Mary Beth and John Millett

Kimberly A. and David K. Moore Scholarship
Kimberly and David Moore

James and Rebecca Poer Family Scholarship
Becky and James Poer

David and Caroline Richards Scholarship for Men's Golf
Caroline and David Richards

Daniel Arthur Simpson ’61 Memorial Scholarship in Science and Engineering
The estate of Nora K. Simpson

TCU Interfraternity Scholarship
Interfraternity Council of TCU

Helen Gamblin Whitmire Endowed Scholarship
Judy and Charles Munnerlyn

Jane Wiggin Gudgen York '64 Scholarship
Mark and Linda Wassenich
Family and friends of the late Jane York

Remington Zingale Endowed Starpoint Scholarship
Tony Zingale

Sally Jones Zuponcic Endowed Scholarship
Noah M. Thomson
Carl J. Zuponcic


Heritage Scholarships

Heritage Scholarships are pooled endowments that support TCU’s school and college scholarship budgets. 

Neeley Heritage Endowed Scholarship
Stewart G. Austin Sr. Endowed Business Scholarship
Stewart G. Austin, Jr.
Ellen Austin Smith

College of Science & Engineering Pre-Health Institute Professions Heritage Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Phil & Mary Beth Hartman Endowed Pre-Health Heritage Scholarship
Mary Beth and Phil Hartman

Harris College Heritage Endowed Scholarship
Shelia and Robert Templeton Endowed Scholarship for Harris College
Shelia and Robert Templeton